Month: June 2019

Community Room For Rent

Click the image above to see more about our Jack & Dolores Lee Community Room. or CLICK HERE for a virtual tour.      Modern. Sleek. Conventional. This new build can meet all your needs for baby showers, reunions, corporate meetings, luncheons, food trucks & anything between. Contact us today! If you are interested in renting […]

Cassandra L. Coats recent appointment

Oklahoma Bar Journal Board of Editors The Oklahoma Bar Association President nominated Cassandra L. Coats this past week to serve on The Board of Editors of the Oklahoma Bar Journal. The Board of Editors is responsible for reviewing and approving all articles for publication in the Oklahoma Bar Journal. The Oklahoma Bar Journal is a […]

Do I need a Will?

Having a Last Will and Testament in place gives many people peace of mind and assurance that their property will be distributed to their loved ones in a specific manner.  A written Will allows you to choose who you would like to administer your estate at your death.  This administrator is called your Personal Representative, […]

How to reinstate your drivers license after a DUI

You will need to do four things. 1) Get a Drug & Alcohol Assessment (ADSAC) 2) Complete a DUI School 3) Attend a Victim Impact Panel 4) Pay your Reinstatement Fee For more information on how this all applies to your exact situation feel free to contact us for a free consultation. Lee|Coats Law, contact […]

Helpful Legal Information from the Oklahoma Bar Association

The Oklahoma Bar Association has created some helpful legal guides that are available for free on their website. The OBA web page can be found here. Here is a list of the items available from the site: Advance Directive for Health Care (Living Will) • Advance Directive (Living Will) Form • What is the Advance […]

Oklahoma Gun Trust

Get your Oklahoma Gun Trust today! One specialty area of the law that we get asked a lot of questions about is the National Firearms Act (NFA) Gun Trusts. A so-called Gun Trust is a particular kind of trust that is used to purchase NFA items like Silencers, Short Barrel Rifles, Short Barrel Shotguns, and […]

Are DUI Alcohol Blood Tests Accurate?

Question: I was arrested for a DUI (alcohol) and submitted to a blood test. Are DUI (alcohol) blood test results accurate? Answer: Typically, there are two different scientific methods used to test blood for the presence of alcohol. 1) Gas Chromatography (GC-FID & GC/MS) – we will discuss this analytical technique in this blog post. […]

A Deferred vs. Suspended sentence in Oklahoma

Question: What is the difference between receiving a deferred sentence and receiving a suspended sentence in Oklahoma?   Nutshell Answer: Deferred Sentence vs. Suspended Sentence – Deferred is generally not a conviction. Suspended is a conviction. Detailed Answer: Note: If you have a CDL then stop reading now because the State of Oklahoma treats you […]