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Why I am voting yes on State Question 805 by Attorney Josh Lee

Why I am voting yes on State Question 805. By Attorney Josh Lee Acknowledgment of bias: I am a defense attorney. Representing the citizen accused of a crime from the all powerful government is my passion as well as my livelihood. I am part conservative and part libertarian. Unlike most conservatives and most liberals I […]

5 Ways to Prepare for Estate Planning

We are often asked what information someone needs to bring to an estate planning consultation. While it is not necessary to bring anything to the initial consultation, it will be very helpful if you have given some thought to the following 5 items:   1.Who do you want to put in charge of administering your […]

Helpful Legal Information from the Oklahoma Bar Association

The Oklahoma Bar Association has created some helpful legal guides that are available for free on their website. The OBA web page can be found here. Here is a list of the items available from the site: Advance Directive for Health Care (Living Will) • Advance Directive (Living Will) Form • What is the Advance […]

Can I change my child’s name to match mine?

A name change can, and most often times is a very simple proceeding. With an attorney’s help, you can quickly and easily change your child’s name. First, while not necessary, you should meet with an attorney. The attorney will ask you questions about you and your child. This information is gathered so that the attorney […]